FAKE GAME User Manual

We currently implemented three different modes, how to run our the FAKE GAME application.

  • Fully Automated Knowledge Extraction mode for generating reports
  • Graphical User Interface mode for interactive data and model exploration
  • Batch mode for experiments evaluating performance of different data mining methods

The “batch” mode is being replaced by the FAKE mode, where most of experiments are now possible.

FAKE GAME can be also run under RapidMiner as a plugin. See GAME plugin for RapidMiner page.

FAKE mode

In this mode, the application is run from console (command line) and parametrized by name of data file together with path to a directory containing configuration of the FAKE process. Normally, it is enough just to replace the default “iris.txt” data file by your data file. The report is then produced automatically and it is stored in the same directory as the data file you have supplied.

If you run the application from IDE, the main class for the FAKE mode is game.cli.DMBatchReport.

You can also download FAKEReports, where the jar file is already produced so you do not need to compile source codes.

Examples of generated reports from several data sets are here:

Another report

Ensemble of models is generated on a data set – in this case Building data proben1 “Interesting and credible” areas of model behaviour are located in multidimensional input space by means of the niching genetic algorithm. These areas are visualized in the 3D graph and the report is produced:

In case you would like to influence the FAKE process, you have to modify the FAKE configuration files.

GUI mode

The Graphical user interface was primary used for developers as an experimental platform for the research project. We are developing less confusing GUI to support interactive knowledge extraction.

Batch mode

This mode is for computational expensive experiments on servers. You can modify configuration files in order to change the experimental setup.

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