Research related to FAKE GAME

Several preprocessing, optimization and visualization methods aimed to streamline the Knowledge Discovery process have been developed within the FAKE GAME project.

There are several theses available in PDF format.

Several materials presented on the TAKE workshop are available.

Also, there are several presentations related to FAKE GAME. These are listed below:

  • GMDH and FAKE GAME: Evolving ensembles of inductive modelsPPT, PDF
  • FAKE GAME updatesPPT, PDF
  • Optimization of Models: Looking for the Best StrategyPPT, PDF
  • Regularization of Evolving Polynomial ModelsPPT, PDF
  • Inductive Modeling: Detection of System States ValidityPPT, PDF
  • Evolutionary Search for Interesting Behavior of Neural Network EnsemblesPPT, PDF
  • Visualization Techniques Utilizing the Sensitivity Analysis of ModelsPPT, PDF
  • Data Mining EEG Data: When Models Can Be Trusted?PPT, PDF
  • The GAME Algorithm Applied to Complex Fractionated Atrial Electrograms Data SetPPT, PDF
  • Inductive Models & Visual Knowledge DiscoveryPPT, PDF
  • Automated FAKE GAME ReportingPPT, PDF
  • CIG Projects & Research InterestsODP, PDF
  • Visualization rules update – zip
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