The project team members so far recruted from graduate and postgraduate students at the Department of Computer Science, FEE, CTU in Prague. They are working on components of the FAKE GAME environment within their semestral projects, diploma and dissertation theses.

Several people contribute to the FAKE GAME project. We list some of them bellow:

  • Pavel Kordík – project coordinator, core of the GAME engine, monitoring and visualization modules
  • Miroslav Čepek – data preprocessing module, automated data preprocessing, signal preprocessing
  • Jan Černý – ensemble models and classifiers
  • Jan Drchal – gradient and evolutionary optimization methods, reporting
  • Filip Dohnal – new drag&drop based GUI
  • Martin Hvizdoš – jcool core, annotation based configuration, dynamicjasper reporting
  • Oleg Kovařík – ant colony optimization methods
  • Aleš Pilný – feature ranking toolbox
  • Tomáš Řehořek – javascript animation of GAME model construction process, project website
  • Tomáš Siegl – negative correlation of models
  • Jakub Webershinke – adapters to weka, weka evaluation of classifiers

Past contributors:

  • Tomáš Černý – module for missing values imputation
  • Michal Chren – 3D regression graph, genetic optimization and reporting of this graph
  • Samuel Ferenčík – HGAPSO optimization method
  • Ondřej Filípek – SCG, OS, SOS, palDE, training modules
  • Miroslav Jánošík – DE (version 1) optimization method
  • Helena Krkošková – data reduction methods
  • Jiří Kopsa – 3D visualization of classification boundaries
  • Jaroslav Kuchař – statistical hypotheses testing, reporting
  • Josef Matějíčka – statistical evaluation of models, ROC curves
  • Jiří Novák – application of the GAME engine to signal filtering
  • Jiří Nožka – 3D visualization of regression manifolds
  • Jan Saidl – classification plots, scatterplot matrix, GA search for interesting projections
  • Michal Semler – ExpNeuron unit with exponential transfer function
  • David Sedláček – visualization of GAME models' topology (connections)
  • Pavel Staněk – experiments with GAME engine settings (niching enabled/disabled)
  • Jan Šimáček – module for distribution transformation to uniform one and back
  • Michal Škola – Data visualization using Jfreechart
  • Lukáš Trlida – parser for PMML standard of GMDH model
  • Ondřej Zicha – PolyFractNeuron unit with rational transfer function

You can join as at Sourceforge. For more information, please contact us.

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