Welcome to the FAKE GAME Project official website! FAKE GAME is an open source implementation of automated data mining framework researched by CIG group at CTU FEE and FIT in Prague.

The FAKE GAME (Fully Automated Knowledge Extraction using Group of Adaptive Models Evolution) tool uses natural evolution to evolve Data Mining models. It incorporates several preprocessing, optimization and visualization methods aimed to streamline the Knowledge Discovery process. Knowledge Extraction from data is being automated! See the About FAKE GAME page to learn more.

Based on our recent results (paper and presentation at WCCI 2012), we are developing the MODGEN web service. You would be able to compute highly precise predictive models tailored to your data.

Also, new theses have been added. Nice animation demonstrates GAME on Iris Data.

Towards Automated Knowledge Extraction (TAKE) workshop takes place in Prague, June 10th 2010, presentations and materials available online.

FAKE GAME was integrated with Rapidminer.

This research project was supported by the grant Automated Knowledge Extraction (KJB201210701) of the Grant Agency of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic.


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